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cleaning and oiling teak

I’ve been asked many times how to clean and oil teak furniture.  Time for a post dedicated to just that!   Maybe you own a teak chair that needs work or maybe you saw one on Craigslist or in a … Continue reading

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More Wishbones

This is one of a group of eight or ten older Hans Wegner wishbones that I did over several years for one family.  I love this blue!  It’s so Danish. The new cord looks especially crisp with the blue.   … Continue reading

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Folding settee and chair – Yugoslavia

Awhile back I wove this new seat and back for this rare folding settee in the Hans Wegner style that is so popular.  I’d never seen a settee version before, only the chair in a few variations.  This was made … Continue reading

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Hans Wegner Wishbone chairs: oak with soap finish

Recently I restored a set of eight of these beautiful oak wishbone chairs.  I thought the owner said they had a wax finish but I was happy to discover that it was just soap.  The frames looked pretty good but … Continue reading

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Hans Bølling’s Strit vs. Zooline knockoff

And now for something a little different… Awhile ago I bought what I thought might be a “Strit” figure by Hans Bølling, but I wondered about a few minor details that didn’t seem quite right.  It was hard to find any information … Continue reading

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Teak and beech chairs, Made in Sweden 10K-90

I got a set of six of these handsome Swedish chairs about four years ago and in all that time I never took a ‘before’ photo of them!  The seats were shot and the original lacquer finish was badly chipped and … Continue reading

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Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have lost my workspace and will be suspending upholstery operations.  The set-up I had there just doesn’t exist anywhere else, unfortunately.  I am making this decision after many months of careful consideration. I … Continue reading

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rare Bramin lounge chair

September 2016 UPDATE:  The designer of this chair has been confirmed as Hans Olsen.  See ; scroll down to post #12 for a scan of the original furniture catalog featuring these with the design attribution.  Thanks to Leif and Design Addict! … Continue reading

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Teak monkeys!

These teak monkeys belonged to a friend.  The one on the left is missing his ears and upper…jaw?  Is that what that part is called? They aren’t the Danish monkeys by Bojesen, just adorable vintage Japanese knock-offs. I cut new … Continue reading

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Heywood Wakefield pouf ottoman gets a fresh new look

Looks hopeless, right? Obviously this was taken after I’d gotten started on taking the thing apart but that’s exactly how the fabric looked.  It’s that scratchy frieze fabric and the color was brown with a rosy undertone.  And some bald … Continue reading

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