Wegner-style Yugoslavian folding rope chairs

This vintage Wegner-style folding chair was made in Yugoslavia.  It was one of a pair that I redid recently.


The original cotton cord was very worn with lots of broken strands.  I forgot to take photos of the whole chairs, as usual!


Same shot of the seat, redone with Danish paper cord which wears better than the cotton cord on the originals.  I think the cotton cord also stretches more than the paper cord, which you do not want.


The originals had a lot of knots like this one showing on the back.


I used a different weaving technique on the sides and also took care to attach all new strands with hidden staples instead of knots.


The originals always have these wrapped strands which end up bunched together unevenly.  Not a very sleek look.


With my method, there are wrapped strands but with wider spacing to avoid the bunched look.  And the side rails do not have those little wraps at all.


Another knot.


No knots, and that overlap on the lower rail turns into a pretty detail when repeated.


One more shot of those bunched-up wraps.  Last one, I promise.


These invite strumming, no?


Just as good-looking from the back as from the front so you can pull them out into the room if you want.





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