Replacement Parts

Modern Chair Restoration does not stock or sell any replacement parts.

Below are the parts I am asked about most often.

EXPERSPRINGS – the vinyl-covered round springs that are in a loop and are found on seats and backs of some Danish Modern style lounge chairs.

Get them at the Danish HomeStore in the UK or from Design Restoration Spares in Germany.

PLYCRAFT lounge chair: authentic glides, feet, shock mounts and more

Modern Conscience – Modern Furniture for the Modern Home

PLYCRAFT lounge chair parts – swivel bases and more.

Swivel Chair Parts

Woven elastic webbing and Pirelli webbing: available from many online upholstery supplies vendors and on eBay

38 Responses to Replacement Parts

  1. Frayda Faigel says:

    I own a plycraft swivel chair, purchased in 1970. Recently I have had a problem with the swivel mechanism. I can use the reclining part but the chair moves from side to side. Is the any way to secure this or do i need a new mechanism?
    Thk you for any feedback you can give me.

    • MCR says:

      Sorry, I don’t do repairs like this so I can’t really advise you on what you need. I have a link on my site to replacement parts. Good luck–hope you figure it out!

  2. Weslie Odom says:

    Do you happen to know where I could get replacement tappered legs for a Pearsall floating sofa?

    • MCR says:

      Sorry, I didn’t see your comment until just now. There are a number of companies making tapered legs that screw onto furniture. Some Ace Hardware stores carry them, too. Google search is your friend! Check Etsy, too. Good luck!

  3. George Droescher says:

    I have a Brahmin rocking chair. One of the screws has broken. Were can I possibly find a replacement.

    • MCR says:

      Check places that sell metric hardware. I don’t know what your part looks like offhand so I can’t be more specific than that but it should be not too hard to find. Good luck.

  4. B Goode says:

    Just FYI; I am making replacement Overman sofa glides. I plan to make chair glides in the future. Love your site!

    • MCR says:

      Great—let me know when they are available.

    • Rick East says:

      Dear B Goode,
      I have a vintage Overman ottoman that needs a replacement glide. Is this something that you are currently producing? If so, would you please contact me at “”? I can provide a photograph so that you can see the style glide that I need…
      Thank you,

      • MCR says:

        Tom, you have to contact that manufacturer directly. I’m not affiliated with them at all, I just include a link to their site for people who need parts.

  5. Mike R says:

    I have a plycraft chair that seems to need the plywood base replaced. Have you seen any place where this is available? I bought it used three years ago, and it was slightly damaged then. It has gotten worse over the years of use, and will eventually break entirely.

    • MCR says:

      Try asking on the forum at though it’s a long shot. Probably best to keep an eye on Ebay for a chair that is trashed but with the base in good shape. Good luck!

  6. Ron Mastro says:

    I have a Bramin leather recliner chair, I need replacement bolts that hold the base on to the chair, the old bolts say “inbus” 8 8 . I believe they are crown bolts or Allen Head bolts, I need a high strength crown head bolt, the length of threads are 18 mm and then an unthreaded length of 4 mm, do you need any other info? Diameter appears to be 8 mm

    • MCR says:

      Sorry, I don’t have specs on parts for chairs. Try contacting a place that specializes in metric fasteners. There are some online. Good luck.

  7. RALPH BOWYER says:

    I’m having a difficult time processing this order….help

    • MCR says:

      I am not affiliated in any way with any of the links on my site, so please contact the supplier directly to resolve any problems.

  8. JMfromJP says:

    I just acquired a Shaw Walker (same as in your Nov’11 post:

    I need a new threaded hub to receive the chair post.

    I can send pictures and take measurements, but I was hoping you might know a good source for Shaw Walker parts based on the restoration you did.

    • MCR says:

      Sorry, I have no idea where you could find something like that other than having a new one machined. Good luck, hope you can find what you need! (The chair I redid did not need any parts at all.)

      • JMfromJP says:

        Found it. For anybody else looking, the part is called a hub liner. They are not threaded. Just look that way after years of use.

        Shaw Walker looks to take the #98.

    • hotshotjan says:

      In 2015 you inquired about a threaded “Hub”… I think I’m looking for the same thing, only I’m calling it a “bushing”. I’m wondering if you ever resolved the problem. I can send a photo of what I have, but I don’t know how to do it.

      I’m going to research locally to see what a shop would charge to do one…I’m afraid the price will be prohibitive.

      Please let me know the status of your “problem”.


      • MCR says:

        I don’t know if JMfromJP will ever see your question but he wrote above that he found the part. If you google the term he used, you’ll find a bunch of different types. Hopefully one will work with your chair. Good luck.

  9. Nomi says:

    I just purchase 1970 plycraft eams swivel loung chair. It reclines forward too much.
    What parts dooninneed to replace in order for it not to bend forward?
    Thank you!

    I’m very new to this please excuse my spellings.

    • MCR says:

      I don’t really know much about how the tilt mechanism works on these chairs beyond turning the big knob on the bottom to adjust how far back it will go (though often that doesn’t seem to do much). Maybe someone put the base on backwards? I’ve never sat in one that tilted forward to much. The base comes off with just four bolts though you may have to take the seat cushion off to get the bolts out (also not a big deal, just a few screws and then gently loosen and pry the cushion out–sometimes they stick a bit around the edges). The base will be clearly marked as to which side goes in front.

      There is link on the right side of this page to Plycraft replacement parts; you may be able to figure out something there. Good luck.

  10. Randy Johnson says:

    While cleaning out my mother’s house I rescued her classic mid-’60s Plycraft Mr Chair and ottoman. I can bring the wood and metal bits back to life, but I need a replacement cushion set. Any suggestions?

    • MCR says:

      I have never heard of anyone producing replacement cushions for Plycraft chairs. The upholstery consists of very thin plywood shells that fit into the outer frame of the chair and ottoman, and these shells are fitted with foam and then upholstery fabric (or leather or vinyl) is stapled over the foam to the thin plywood shell. If you have the original upholstery, all that needs to be done is to reupholster the chair. If the upholstery, including the inner shells, is missing, you could have someone make new inner shells but I’m pretty sure the plywood would have to be bent to shape with steam. I do not know of anyone who does this, though I’m sure there are people who do it. Good luck.

      • Randy Johnson says:

        Thank you. I have the inner plywood and padding, so getting it reupholstered will be easy once I find a good upholsterer. I was just hoping to avoid that process if I could.

  11. B. Blaze says:

    Where can I find curved chair backs (need 4) like the one in your letterhead.

    • MCR says:

      That’s a Wegner CH23 chair in my photo. I don’t think they’re even in production anymore so if you want that exact one you’d probably have to look for old CH23s that are trashed but with backrests that were still good—an extreme long shot.

      If you just want a similar shape for some other chair, your best bet would be to contact a furniture craftsman and have him or her make you some. I have never heard of anyone selling ready-made parts like this. Good luck.

  12. Mike Jensen says:

    Hi, I resently purchased two chairs and an ottoman from the family of the original owners that were made by plycraft and may be a Mulhauser design. The family thinks that they were purchased new in 1962 or 1963. I need help in verifying if they are by him and if not by whom. Here is what I know about the pieces. Ottoman: Pictures matching the exact style found on several websites alog with a gold oval label with Plycrafts and Georges name printed on it. The ottoman has been reapolstered twice however what may be the original upolstery was still there, it is a dark brown simulated leather product. Question: Were any Mulhauser pieces covered in this manor? Chairs: Both have the “Mr. Chair” silver and black lable but no gold oval both chairs show evidence of restoration and it is possible that the labels did not survive. They are covered with a medium dark green heavy weave fabric that appears period correct. The chairs are a one piece unit with arm rests attached by black metal assemblies, the bases match the base of the ottoman exactly but unlike other Mulhauser’s they do not rock but do swivel. Both have the the number 43 written in pencil on them. Question(s): Did Mulhauser design a chair that did not rock? Is there a master registery of Mulhauser chairs with photos? Does the number 46 mean anything? I need the correct screws, washers, chrome escussions and new feet/pads for them do you have those or know where I can find them? Thank you for your time, effort and knowledge. Michael J

    • MCR says:

      I’m sorry but I’m far from an expert on Plycraft chairs. You could try asking in the forum at Someone there may be able to help. Be sure to include clear photos of the overall pieces and any details you are wondering about.

      The only source I know of for replacement parts is linked over on the right side of my blog. Good luck!

  13. Steph Hume says:

    Hi, I have 4 x mid century swivel chairs that I am in the process of restoring. I am looking for 8 x replacement plastic feet/black plastic feet tube ends.

  14. MCR says:

    A lot of different manufacturers made swivel chairs in the past and unfortunately they did not all use the same style parts on the bases. I don’t carry any parts but there are sites that might have what you want. You would have identify the maker and model of your chairs first, though.

  15. Mike McVary says:

    We are recovering an Overman AB swivel and ottoman. We need 8 plastic glides. Are they available?

    • MCR says:

      Someone is selling 3-D printed glides for Overman chairs and sofas on Etsy. They may not be the same as on yours so be sure to check first whether they will fit or not. There were at least two different kinds of glides used on Overmans.

  16. Drew Hogan says:

    I need replacement parts for my PlyCraft Eames styles chairs. Please let me know who I may contact in your company for these parts. Thank you.
    Drew Hogan

  17. Sherry Benson says:

    PLEASE help me locate teak button plugs. 1/2″
    I have searched the internet 100 times and just can’t find them! We have no Danish furniture stores close by any more so I don’t know where to look. I even tried marine stores. I have dining room chairs that have these button plugs on the top and very mysteriously, one is missing. Of course I would be willing to pay much more than the price of one plug……….if I could find it!!!!!

    • MCR says:

      This comes up all the time. Most hardware stores sell wooden screw plugs in oak or maple, or both, but the problem is that they are not available in metric sizes in the US. I get the closest size down and stain them with markers made for touching up dings in wood. Guardsman makes a set with one color that is pretty close to teak. I’ve also found artist markers in art supply stores that are close color matches.

      Plugs that are a little loose can be securely held in with museum wax, which you can buy in candle stores. It’s the stuff you put in candle holders to hold candles in place. One little package will do a whole lot of plugs because you only need a 1/4″ ball for each one.

      If you want to get closer to a teak color without all the fuss, you could try the cherry and/or mahogany plugs from I haven’t ordered plugs from them (yet) but have thought about it.

      I saw some teak plugs on ebay once from someone in the UK. It may also be worth putting a request in to Restorations Spares (link on the right of my blog page).

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