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cleaning and oiling teak

I’ve been asked many times how to clean and oil teak furniture.  Time for a post dedicated to just that!   Maybe you own a teak chair that needs work or maybe you saw one on Craigslist or in a … Continue reading

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More Wishbones

This is one of a group of eight or ten older Hans Wegner wishbones that I did over several years for one family.  I love this blue!  It’s so Danish. The new cord looks especially crisp with the blue.   … Continue reading

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Folding settee and chair – Yugoslavia

Awhile back I wove this new seat and back for this rare folding settee in the Hans Wegner style that is so popular.  I’d never seen a settee version before, only the chair in a few variations.  This was made … Continue reading

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Hans Wegner Wishbone chairs: oak with soap finish

Recently I restored a set of eight of these beautiful oak wishbone chairs.  I thought the owner said they had a wax finish but I was happy to discover that it was just soap.  The frames looked pretty good but … Continue reading

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MCR is doing upholstery again! (some, anyway)

At last, a long overdue update to the blog! Despite what it looks like, I have actually been working all this time, it’s just the real life intruded for awhile and the blog got pushed aside. But I’m back now! … Continue reading

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breaking with tradition

I don’t usually get so many Yugoslavian chairs at once to reweave and this second rocker so soon after the last one kind of got me thinking about other approaches.  I know that these are often compared to Hans Wegner’s rocking … Continue reading

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Another Yugoslavian folding chair gets new life

I got this poor old thing awhile ago and kept putting off work on it because the frame needed refinishing.  It’s beech with a stain and then clear lacquer on top—it’s supposed to look like walnut but of course once … Continue reading

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Hans Bølling’s Strit vs. Zooline knockoff

And now for something a little different… Awhile ago I bought what I thought might be a “Strit” figure by Hans Bølling, but I wondered about a few minor details that didn’t seem quite right.  It was hard to find any information … Continue reading

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Teak and beech chairs, Made in Sweden 10K-90

I got a set of six of these handsome Swedish chairs about four years ago and in all that time I never took a ‘before’ photo of them!  The seats were shot and the original lacquer finish was badly chipped and … Continue reading

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How to do the looped warp weave on Yugoslavian folding chair

People have asked me about this one but I have never seen instructions on how to do it.  I haven’t looked in awhile so maybe someone has published a how-to by now.  It’s simple but kind of counter-intuitive at a … Continue reading

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