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rare Bramin lounge chair

September 2016 UPDATE:  The designer of this chair has been confirmed as Hans Olsen.  See ; scroll down to post #12 for a scan of the original furniture catalog featuring these with the design attribution.  Thanks to Leif and Design Addict! … Continue reading

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Overman sofa from Sweden

I redid this Overman sofa recently.  I know Overman production shifted to the US at some point but this was made in Sweden. The fabric is “Fleece” by Unika Vaev, which started out as a Danish company.  The fabric is … Continue reading

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Fiber rush vs. Danish Paper Cord

Every once in awhile I see a Danish chair seat woven with fiber rush, or repairs done in fiber rush.   Are they they same thing? No. Both are made of twisted brown kraft paper, like the stuff paper bags are … Continue reading

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