Danish Modern lounge chair

I think this is an American-made chair.  The frame is walnut with a glossy varnish finish.  The Pirelli webbing had lost its stretch and was sagging, and it had no cushions at all.


I cleaned the grime and paint scuffs off the frame, put in new elastic webbing, and made new boxed, welted cushions.  The fabric is a tweedy wool boucle in a color between brown and gray with coppery flecks.  It’s a great foil for the warm tones of the wood.

One thing I liked about this chair was that it had a low profile but the seat was still at a good height for getting up out of.  I think the legs are just an inch or two taller than most chairs of this style.   It’s a subtle difference in looks that made a big difference in comfort.

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  1. Lizzie Wortham says:

    I have some similar chairs from my grandparents, but without cusions. Can you tell me what is the proper size to make the cusions for these?


    • MCR says:

      The seat cushion should be 3 or 4 inches thick and the back cushion should be one inch less thick than whatever you choose for the seat. The other measurements depend on the dimensions of your chair’s frame. You can look at any photo of this kind of chair and see how the cushions should fit and go from there.

  2. Maya says:

    Hi MCR,

    I am trying to pick some fabric for a similar danish modern chair to reupholster and my brain is smoking at this point! ugh!!! Can you please give me the info as to where you got the fabric for this chair? I like that nubby texture of the nubby, wool boucle here.


    • MCR says:


      I’m sorry, that fabric was on an unmarked bolt at my upholstery supply place last summer and they don’t have any more of it. But you could check out Knoll’s “Classic Boucle”. It has that same texture, just not in tweedy colorways. You can order swatches from them. The link is on my site.

      • Maya says:

        Darn! I already ordered from them today…lol. I’m just looking for a simple buff color like that with possibly some speckles in it. Any ideas? I’ve ordered their Neutral & Pearl colors in the “Classic Boucle” and some others. I’m also looking at kvadrat styles but their website does not represent well and kind of overwhelming.
        You think it would be pretty easy to find a neutral buff color in a hopsack-boucle style.
        Thanks for the prompt response.


        • MCR says:

          Can’t think of anything offhand. Check the manufacturers’ websites and the links on my site, which I recommend doing regularly and often because they are always getting new stuff in. They might be of more help than I am, since they deal only in fabric. (I’m thinking of Modern-Fabrics.com and Silverstone on Ebay.) Good luck.

  3. Tom says:

    Hi! I’m curious how you redid the straps. I’m completely inexperienced, but recently inherited some Danish chairs with similar-looking slots for straps. The current (worn-out) straps are stapled on top. Should I try to find straps to fit the slots, or redo the stapled version? What material would be best–elastic, rubber, webbing..?

    Thanks for any advice!

    • MCR says:

      I honestly don’t remember how I anchored the webbing on this chair. It was seven months ago and I didn’t take photos or notes.

      Buy whatever type of elastic webbing you can get and/or afford. A pneumatic stapler does a much better job of stapling than anything else. If you can redo the straps as the originals were done, great! If not, staple.

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