Teak and beech chairs, Made in Sweden 10K-90

Sweden10K-90 1I got a set of six of these handsome Swedish chairs about four years ago and in all that time I never took a ‘before’ photo of them!  The seats were shot and the original lacquer finish was badly chipped and scuffed.  The legs on some of them were discolored from standing in water.  They had to be refinished completely.

Sweden10K-90 2I’ve researched the design at various times and have never found any information on the manufacturer or designer, if there even was an individual who came up with the design.  It seems to be a somewhat rare chair.  I’m guessing it dates to the 50s but I don’t know for sure.

Sweden10K-90 5The frames are solid beech; the backrests are teak-veneered plywood.  Very Scandinavian!

Sweden10K-90 4I love the sides.

Sweden10K-90 3There are two armchairs and four side chairs.

Thank you to Home Anthology for allowing me to take photos at their store.


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6 Responses to Teak and beech chairs, Made in Sweden 10K-90

  1. Those turned out gorgeous! But it’s a little evil of you to send me to the Home Anthology site, since I will now be drooling over all that fabulous MCM stuff they have.

  2. Nate Clark says:

    Whoa. Really nice! Just found your blog as I am about to restore a Hans Olsen chair. Great site!

  3. Amber says:

    While researching how to fix up my newly acquired chair, I found this post. I have the exact chair! I’ll be returning to check my work against yours.

  4. Moya Gray says:

    I have 5 of these chairs with the same markings on the bottom rail. I have been trying to find the provenance of these chairs. Min have heard from Carl Hansen and sons they are not Heans Wegner

    If anyone has information about these chairs Imwould be grateful.

    • MCR says:

      They’re definitely not a Hans Wegner design. I’ve never found any information about them that names a specific designer. They might have been the work of several in-house designers working together. We may never know.

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