Wegner CH22 chairs get new seats

CH22-1I recently redid a pair of these Wegner CH22 chairs.  The seat on this one wasn’t too bad but the other one had the typical broken strands along the front rail.  The wood on both had been treated with some kind of tinted furniture polish that left it blotchy and dull.


CH22-2This may actually be the other of the two, I’m not sure!  The wood on the back is more even in tone now, though it looks pretty dark here (probably due to lighting).  I think people use those tinted polishes to get their furniture to match other furniture in the room.  Gah.

CH22-3A broken strand or two opens a gap like this.





CH22-4Paint is hard to get out.  Maybe impossible.


CH22-5While I really like the patina of old Danish cord in good condition, I think fresh new cord looks really stunning on a vintage chair.


CH22-6Wegner chairs with cord seats often have small slots at the arm posts and/or back spindles where you have thread the cord through instead of wrapping it around the entire frame.  This requires very accurate weaving because it diminishes the margin of error by a lot.  The slots are always the width of a specific number of strands.  I love the precision of it.


CH22-7The back of the seat has this very handsome detail that makes it impossible to use a shuttle when weaving, so the whole process takes longer.  But it’s so beautiful!

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10 Responses to Wegner CH22 chairs get new seats

  1. Tennekka says:

    Are you selling these? They are gorgeous!!

  2. M J Messeder says:

    I have 4 rosewood dining room chairs that need to have new cord replacing old rotten cord on seats. Purchased at Scan back in the 80’s. Can you do this ? Price quote

  3. Amit regev says:

    I have 2 Hans wagner rocking chairs without eny ropes (all broken) which i want to restore . you made an emazing job on the chairs shown.
    can you contact me for pricing a repair.
    since i live in Israel we will have to consider shipping as well.
    thank you

    • MCR says:

      Sorry, I do not do any shipping at all. There are other places in the US who do, though, so I’m sure you can find someone. Good luck!

  4. Marcel Van der Schueren says:

    I have 8 Moller chiars with paper cord seats.
    6 chair seats have broken ropes and I want to repare them. where can I buy Dhanish paper cord, 3 plys, unlaced and to delivery in Belgium?



    • MCR says:

      I think there are some dealers in the UK who sell paper cord online and you may have some luck contacting some of the furniture factories in Denmark. It may even be available in Belgium somewhere. Good luck in your Google searching.

  5. José Flores says:

    What is the chord material? I have five teak chairs with this same chord material. They were bought in Sweden 40 years ago. All the chairs have many broken chords that need repair. I live in Los Angeles. Is there anyone here that could restore these chairs? I checked with a local upholsterer and he had no clue. They also said I should sand and oil the wood occasionally. Wish I knew more.

    José Flores

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