rare Bramin lounge chair

September 2016 UPDATE:  The designer of this chair has been confirmed as Hans Olsen.  See http://www.designaddict.com/forum/Identification/Danish-lounge-chair-ID ; scroll down to post #12 for a scan of the original furniture catalog featuring these with the design attribution.  Thanks to Leif and Design Addict!

mybramin01I bought this rarely-seen lounge chair by Bramin of Denmark for myself because it was so comfortable and I loved the look.  It consists of a styrofoam shelf with foam padding on a teak frame.  However, that upholstery…it is a beautiful Maharam fabric called “Radiant” but even with the right type of padding on this chair, this fabric doesn’t have enough give to it to hug those curves.

mybramin02I stripped all the old foam and polyester batting off the styrofoam shell and put new foam on.  The new fabric is Maharam/Kvadrat’s Hallingdal #830, which has blue threads in one direction and bright olive in the other.  I had some Tonus fabric all picked out for it but at the last minute I saw the Hallingdal on Modern-Fabrics.com and snatched it up!

mybramin5See that big dart where the back meets the arm?  And the general bagginess of the fabric?  You really need a slightly stretchy fabric for this kind of chair.  This one is beautiful, but it’s not right for this chair.

mybramin6Hallingdal works better.   Tonus would be even easier to work with but I was swayed by the color combo of that weave!

mybramin7This is the underside of the seat.  The entire outside of the chair is just one piece of fabric with the only seams being along the bottom sides where they don’t show.  It takes a lot of smoothing and tugging and readjusting to get them just right, then they are hand stitched in place. mybramin3aThe previous upholsterer just stretched the outside back fabric from seam to seam without trying to get it to conform to the contours of the shell.  Or maybe he tried but gave up in frustration, which I could totally understand.


mybramin4The fabric has to be glued to the styrofoam shell where it curves around the back perimeter.  This is tricky to do.  And you can see here that those seams along the bottom sides are hidden so all you get is that wonderful curved expanse of beautiful fabric.

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