Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have lost my workspace and will be suspending upholstery operations.  The set-up I had there just doesn’t exist anywhere else, unfortunately.  I am making this decision after many months of careful consideration.

I will still be doing weaving with Danish paper cord, rattan, fiber rush, etc.  I will also be adding some limited specialty cushions in the coming months and will post about that here.  I plan to keep blogging, so stay tuned!  Thanks for all your wonderful comments and support in the past.

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  1. where are or were you based out of? I admire your skills very much. R. H. Quaytman

  2. Alan Ashford says:

    Love your work. I have eight Danish teak dining chairs which need paper cord replacement. I am in the Oklahoma City area. I will send you pictures if you are interested. Or if you know of someone else who might do this for me please let me know. I bought the table and chairs from a used furniture store in Grand Rapids Michigan in 1985. I think they are 60’s vintage. Can you help? Thank you in advance!

    Alan Ashford

    • MCR says:

      Alan, sorry, I don’t do any shipping and I don’t have a list of paper cord weavers across the country. Try asking your local dealer of mid-century modern furniture. They might have someone they use. Good luck!

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