Overman sofa from Sweden

I redid this Overman sofa recently.  I know Overman production shifted to the US at some point but this was made in Sweden.

overmansofa1The fabric is “Fleece” by Unika Vaev, which started out as a Danish company.  The fabric is a reversible wool with bobbles of contrasting color wool in neat rows.  It’s very soft and nubby and has plenty of give for those lovely curves.

overmansofa2As usual, I forgot to take a before photo before I ripped into it.  It was covered in this vinyl with a nice pebbled cowhide look, but it had split in a few places and there’s no fixing that.

overmansofa4I like fabric on these better than vinyl anyway.



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7 Responses to Overman sofa from Sweden

  1. Sudarto says:

    I think this chair is soft and durable.

  2. Helen Miller says:

    Hi! Beautiful work on the Overman. I have one that I found in a dumpster – sans cushions. Could I by chance, purchase from you the pattern (if you patterned and saved) for the 3 you made here? I know there is a bit of “ease” to the top plate over the bottom plate (or vice versa) to make it pouf nicely…would appreciate this little step ahead. Thanks for a reply or call to my shop in Minneapolis at 612-729-1841

  3. Nice Overman sofa. I agree, it’s much better with fabric. I love Danish designs.

  4. Andrea says:

    How much fabric did you use for the whole sofa?

  5. Andrea says:

    Me again… Just wondering if you replaced the foam on the sofa as well or just the cushions. I took the fabric off mine and only found “dust” pieces instead of any leftover foam. What kind of foam did you use if any?

    Thanks so much!

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