Overman chair gets a fresh start for spring

overman1This chair made in Sweden by Overman has an appealing shape, but boy was that vinyl tired-looking!

overman2Knoll’s Classic Boucle in Crimson suits the chair’s personality perfectly, in my opinion.


Originally the seams were machine stitched and then top stitched.

overman4I hand stitch the entire perimeter instead, which gives it smoother, almost seamless look.



overman5Hand stitching is done by inserting a curved needle into each side of the seam at opposite points.   This is called a ladder stitch.

overman6After you do 6-8 stitches, you pull the thread tight and the seam closes up and nearly disappears–like magic!

(Thanks to Home Anthology for providing the setting for my photos of the finished chair.)

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10 Responses to Overman chair gets a fresh start for spring

  1. Emily says:

    We have the same chairs and would love to do something like this! How did you pattern the fabric to fit? Did you take off the original vinyl and then cut to match or some other way?

    Would be interested to know the entire process. Beautiful work!

    • MCR says:

      Thank you. You can use the fabric as a pattern but it’s usually pretty stretched out so you have to be careful and allow extra.

      I don’t offer tutorials–sorry! My blog is just to showcase some of the work I do for clients.

  2. Tom says:

    If you still have the yellow overman chair vinyl or if you may ever get other overman used vinyl from a chair or couch (overman pod) you want to reupholster in the future Id like to see and buy the used vinyl if for a cheap price. Thanks, Tom

    • MCR says:

      I don’t keep old upholstery materials, sorry. If you need it for a pattern, it’s actually not necessary. I just measure and cut the new material about 3-4 inches bigger than necessary all around, then drape and fit directly on the piece.

  3. Christian says:


    I have an overman chair i’d like to have reupholstered. Would this be something you would be interested in?


  4. Bernadette says:

    I have 2 of these chairs the vinyl is white and ripped. How many yard of material did you use total? Thanks

    • MCR says:

      I don’t remember offhand but you could always measure to be sure. Upholstery fabric is 54″ wide.

      You can also strip one chair and use the pieces as patterns and figure out the yardage on the floor.

      This chart says 3 yards but be aware that some Overman chairs are wider than others. Best to measure.

  5. Lydia Powless says:

    Where can you buy the glide for these chairs? I’m missing two and can’t locate them any. My chair is the same as your yellow one picture.


    • MCR says:

      Sorry, I don’t know of anyone who is selling Overman glides specifically. There used to be someone on Etsy who was making them for one particular model but last time I checked they seemed to have quit selling them.

      Your best bet would be to get them copied by someone with a 3D printer. There are probably commercial places that offer this service. I have never had it done so I can’t steer you to anyone in particular but I’m sure you can find someone easily enough.

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