more Model 49 chairs by Erik Buch

I adquired a set of six of these model 49 chairs in teak by Erik Buch awhile back.  They had the original beige wool hopsack fabric.  The chairs were made in Denmark and sold by Scan in the U.S.


Redone in Maharam’s Pebble Wool in charcoal gray.   (photo by Rob Degenhard)


The fabric started out gorgeous, a soft, fuzzy wool woven of two different shades of beige/cream.  But it was very worn on the edges of the seats and backs and had many indelible stains.   Someone had even hand stitched a few small holes closed.

I think the wood was almost as bad.  Very dry, dull, scuffed, and some stains as you can see here.


One of the two armchairs in the set.


These chairs have several characteristics that I love.  One:  that shaping where the end of the arm meets the front post.  So elegant.


Two:  the floating seat.  And the curve of the floating seat.


And three:  the backrest.  Not just the way it looks, but the way it hits your back in just the right place.  This is a chair that makes it easy to linger at the table long after the meal is finished.


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