Erik Buch dining chairs, model 49

These rosewood chairs were designed by Erik Buch of Denmark in 1956 and were in production for a long time.  This particular set of six had the original wool upholstery.


There were lots of little stains.  Often you can get these out if you work on them soon enough, but these had become permanent.  New fabric was the only solution.

The foam padding had lost its oomph, too.


The clients chose this wool tweed in a subtle tones of gray, cream and light brown.  It looks similar to the original but has more color interest.


Dinner’s ready!


The wonderful thing about fabric like this is that changes color depending on the light.  Here it looks warm…


…and here it looks cooler, more gray.


I think it looks great with the rosewood frame.

We have more of this tweed.  Come to Home Anthology to for a swatch.


(The rosewood table and leaf dish shown above are available at Home Anthology as of this writing.)

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19 Responses to Erik Buch dining chairs, model 49

  1. Brent says:


    Thanks for the fantastic site. I have referred to your info on a number of projects now! I was wondering the thickness and density of foam you have used on these chairs? I’m currently working on a set of Kai Kristiansen chairs and was considering 1″ with a density 65 and 1/2″ of the same for the curved backrest.

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

    • MCR says:


      Use the most dense 1″ thick foam you can get for the seats. Backs should be 1/2″ but can be a level softer if you want. They don’t get nearly the wear and tear that a seat does.

  2. Brent says:

    Thanks for your advice! Keep up the good work!

  3. Mary Ellen Bibler says:

    please give advice about how to remove the back “flap” to reupholster! Thank you so much!!!!!

    • MCR says:

      Are you talking about the outside back of the backrest? Just pry it off. It’s glued on. If you can’t get the cardboard insert out intact, at least save it to use as a pattern.

      • Mary Ellen Bibler says:

        Thanks! I have redone three of the eight so far and only had to replace the cardboard piece on one!! Exciting!

  4. Dylan Taylor says:

    I love these, I have a set of 4 which need new tweed on the backrest, and seats., but I am unsure how to remove the backrest – are those dowels that fix the legs to the backrest, or some kind of wooden plug that is concealing a screw? (I’m new to this, so forgive my caveman terminology!). Either way, I’m at a road block – any advice you could give, would be greatly appreciated.


  5. Noriko W. says:

    Do you have a recommendation on a type of glue to use to attach fabric to the outside back cardboard insert??? The one I used ended up bleeding through the fabric. Thank you!

    • MCR says:

      First, you don’t need to spray adhesive onto the outside back of the cardboard, only the edge that wraps around to the inside. You will avoid bleed-through doing it this way, plus it will look better no matter what fabric you use. Just be careful not to get it too close to the fold. You might want to make a separate template just for spraying the glue. The template should be about 1/4″ bigger all the way around.

      I don’t know of any spray adhesive that is guaranteed not to bleed through all fabrics. Many fabrics are just not suitable for spray adhesive of any kind.

  6. kevin says:

    Thanks for the post. I’m trying to do the same with a set of these that are in black vinyl. Do you have a recommendation for a place to buy new vinyl that matches the original black vinyl used?

    thanks again for sharing.

    • MCR says:

      There are many black vinyls out there. I got one that was very close at Joann Fabrics but it was a few years ago. I don’t keep track of that stuff–sorry! Most stores and websites will give you swatches and then you can just compare them to your chairs and pick the closest.

  7. Karen says:

    I have a set of four of these chairs that need reupholstering. Does anybody know of a company or person in Austin, TX who has experience with this?

    • MCR says:

      I don’t know of anyone offhand and I don’t keep a list of upholsterers across the country but if you ask your local mid-century modern furniture dealers, they may have a name or two. GOod luck!

  8. Susan says:

    I have a set of 4 of the Model 49 chairs. I believe the upholstery is original,, and unfortunately is not in good condition. Would it be appropriate to use upholstery leather to cover them?

    • MCR says:

      I think these chairs were more often upholstered in black vinyl than in leather, but there’s no reason why you can’t use leather. I would do leather before I would do vinyl, but mostly because I don’t like the feel of vinyl.

      • Susan says:

        Those were my thoughts too. Thank you for helping to make my decision easier. Should I use foam under the leather? Right now the chairs don’t feel like there is any foam underneath the upholstery material.

  9. Susan says:

    Thank you for your quick response. You sound like the perfect person to upholster my chairs. Too bad you aren’t located in California. Thanks so much for your help.

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