reviving and converting a set of Møller #75 chairs

Home Anthology recently asked me to bring a set of these Møller #75 chairs back to life.  The paper cord seats were very stained and had some broken strands, and the teak had years of grimey build-up.

Some people might argue that the grime is part of the patina, but really it’s just…dirt.  It obscures the beauty of the wood.  Often it doesn’t even look that bad, especially because it builds up so slowly over such a long period that you don’t even realize it’s happening.


Here’s a good “before” shot of one chair back.  It’s not so bad, right?  The teak is a warm, rich color and you can see that interesting arched grain pattern, right?


This is actually not the same chair because I got them mixed up due to the very similar grain pattern.  But the difference between dirty and clean is the same on every chair.  Note that it doesn’t look brand new; that’s not what we’re after in cleaning these chairs–ever!  The wood has the look of old, well-care-for teak with color and grain that is not clouded by grime.  So simple and so beautiful.


I also converted this set from woven cord seats to black vinyl.  This model was produced with both types of seats, so this is acceptable.  It can also be easily reversed if someone wants woven seats on them again someday.


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