new webbing for Poul Volther sofa

This sofa by Danish designer Poul Volther was in very nice shape except for the webbing.  It was the Pirelli rubber type and had become saggy and dried out with age.  When Pirelli webbing reaches that state, it has no stretch and is useless.  The only solution is to replace it.

As so often happens, I forgot to take ‘before’ photos of this one.  You can find photos of old Pirelli webbing all over the internet, but what I wish I’d gotten was a photo of someone sitting on it.  Not only did it have a disconcerting sinking feeling, but the saggy webbing also caused the edges of the seat cushions to flip up, leaving big gaps around the sitter.

It really was a bit of a turn-off for this handsome piece of furniture.


I replaced the old stuff with new Pirelli webbing.  Now the same cushions are firmly supported and do not flip up when you sit.  It’s ready for a few more decades of use!

Thanks to Home Anthology for this one!


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4 Responses to new webbing for Poul Volther sofa

  1. Cobwob says:

    Hi, I’m building my own chair from scratch and am thinking about using the Pirelli webbing. Just looking at the pictures is it just stapled into position in a lip machined into the lower frame? Thanks for your time. Martin.

    • MCR says:

      Yes, that’s how this one was done. A pneumatic stapler is best for elastic webbing because of the constant stress on the staples. They need to go in deep.

  2. Anne says:

    So glad to have found you online, MCR. I have a reclining chair that either IS an Ib Kafod-Larsen or a knock-off, but old; ’60s at least. I’m replacing the seat webbing with Pirelli or Fagas straps depending on the slot, but the back has vinyl-covered coiled-spring loops, set into semi-circular (C-shaped) grooves in the back rails. I know those loops aren’t made anymore, but I wonder what you might use as a substitute if you come across something like that. Thanks for any thoughts you might have on the subject.

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