Restyled Overman egg chair and ottoman

This Overman lounge and ottoman didn’t start out this way in the 70s.


Originally it was covered in tan vinyl with an overstuffed tan corduroy cushion that had a lot of button tufting.  The corduroy part was gone by the time I took the “before” photos.

Overman chairs have a base form of molded Styrofoam, which made their organic forms easy to produce and also makes them very light in weight.  They are surprisingly stable, however.

The ottoman has a bit of the corduroy left.


I hand stitched the new fabric to get the lines just right.  The fabric is Knoll’s Classic Boucle in Crimson.


See how that vertical seam is wavy ?   The seam allowances flip one way, then the other, then back again under the vinyl.  That’s why it doesn’t lie flat and smooth.

I cut the back fabric of one whole piece so there are no side seams.  (The inside is all one piece too.)

The corduroy cushion covered the armrests on the original.


I added foam padding on the inside of the chair to replace that of the overstuffed cushion, then did one curving seam all around the perimeter of the chair.  It is entirely hand stitched as on an Arne Jacobsen Egg chair.

Chair and ottoman are currently available at Home Anthology in Catonsville, MD.  UPDATE April 22:  Sold!  That was quick.

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