Adrian Pearsall wave lounge


This is the 2147-CL Chaise Lounge by Adrian Pearsall for Craft Associates.  You can see it in their original catalog here.  Those misshapen areas are due to the latex foam being dried out and compressed.


Here it is with new foam and fabric.


Need a closer look at those lumps?



The original fabric was a vibrant orange boucle that had faded a lot over time.  I liked the look of it a lot but in reality it was one of those early synthetics that didn’t have a very nice feel.

The new fabric is Knoll “Rivington”, a slubby weave in a gorgeous tomato red that tends to look more neon in photos than it actually is!   It’s a cotton/wool/synthetic blend that comes in some very beautiful colors.

But anyway, back to that old latex foam…


I did this outside because it was such a mess.  The dried-up foam crumbles to a fine dust that just gets everywhere.  The core of it was still soft but 70% of it was like very stale cornbread.


The finished chaise had a very inviting look to it and it sold within two days!


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7 Responses to Adrian Pearsall wave lounge

  1. brandy shelton says:

    i’ve looking for a Adrian Pearsall wave lounge for years and can’t find one. If you know of a place i could get one i’d really appreciate it

    • MCR says:

      Sorry, I don’t keep tabs on what’s available out there but if keep a close eye on ebay, Craigslist and your local live auctions, you will probably find out eventually. Good luck!

  2. Sheri says:

    I have held onto my grandparents wave chair for yrs.i just dug it out if the garage, and need advise on how to restore it. Amazingly, it still has the original black early synthetic fabric, and crumbly latex foam.Advise?

    • MCR says:

      Sorry for not responding sooner—for some reason I stopped getting notification of new comments here. If you have no experience with re-upholstering, you should maybe take a class or have a pro do this one. It’s not the easiest project to start on. You have to remove all the old foam and replace it, then sew a fitted cover and staple it on. Then do the button tufting and add the back cover. It sounds simple but precision is key.

  3. Chris says:

    That is beautiful work. I’ve been looking for a 2147-CL. What should I expect the kind of renovation that you did here to cost?

    • MCR says:

      Chris, upholstery fees vary a lot depending on where you are located and who you consult. I don’t remember offhand what I charged for this one. Your best bet is to get quotes from a few local upholsterers. Show them the photos here so they know what’s involved. Good luck!

  4. Jill says:

    I just wanted to say WOW! Beautiful work! You must feel great after completing a project such as this? I am all about restoring the old to its original greatness, and you have taken it a step further! Bravo!

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