Milo Baughman recliner transformed

I’m back!  I’ve got a backlog of projects for the new year, so check back often for updates.


One of my recent jobs was this Milo Baughman recliner.


I think it was modified in the 70s to go with a traditional sofa.  The fabric is one of those dobby weaves that were popular back then, and it obviously had cushions that had disappeared along the way.  It’s not supposed to be sat in the way it looks here.


Unfortunately I neglected to get a good shot of the finished chair but you can get an idea of the difference.  I added foam to the seat and back, with a thin layer of extra-firm foam in the lumbar region for comfortable support.


The fabric is Knoll’s “Classic Boucle” in the Red Fox colorway.  This is a very popular fabric for mid-century modern upholstery  and is one of my favorites to work with.  It comes in great colors and is reasonably durable.  The fiber content is half wool and half nylon and it just feels nice.  We have some of the colors in stock; stop by Home Anthology in Catonsville on the weekends to check ’em out!



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2 Responses to Milo Baughman recliner transformed

  1. Patricia hart says:

    I just acquired a set of Baughman rocker recliners. Both of the rocker springs are broken on one of them. I have all the parts of the springs. I am wondering if having them soldered to fix would be a good idea or if replacement would be the way to go. If replacement is the thing to do, do you have a source for that type of spring? Thanks

    • MCR says:

      I don’t do this kind of repair, nor do I stock parts for these. I don’t even remember what the mechanism looks like–sorry! The one that I redid was a few years ago. Maybe the parts can be welded or maybe they are easily replaced, I just don’t know. You could try posting your question (with photos) on the forum at There are a lot of helpful, knowledgeable people there. Good luck.

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