Erik Kierkegaard desk chair

This desk chair by Danish designer Erik Kierkegaard arrived with an 80s beach print lightweight cotton fabric.

Oh, my, no.

Here it is in a much more appropriate “Arno” by Knoll, a rich, all-wool fabric in taupe.  You can almost hear the chair sighing in relief.

(This chair, by the way, is one of the most comfortable out there.)

The original elastic webbing had been replaced with conventional jute webbing, which was worn out.

One fun thing about the stripping phase is discovering marks that were hidden.  The last line here is a bit hard to make out but it says “E. KIRKEGAARD”.

The seat frame is ready for new webbing.

This elastic webbing is like what is used in clothing, only on very high doses of steroids.  It provides firm support but with just enough give to make it comfortable under the foam padding.

After the foam and fabric are in place, the bottom is covered with non-woven, synthetic cambric, which I trim close to the staples.

The covering on the back is stapled and hand sewn.  I like that little joint detail that shows just outside the edge of the fabric.

I’m a big fan of contrasting fabric and wood.  I love how the cool gray looks with the warm teak, and how the fuzzy wool contrasts with the smooth wood.

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