1965 Flex-Steel armchairs

These two vintage armchairs had great lines but the original fabric was kind of tired-looking.


This photo by Rob of Home Anthology shows the chairs when HA acquired them.  They did a lot of cleaning and spiffing up but even that wasn’t quite enough, plus the foam was shot.  The seats had a saggy feel that went beyond the cushions.


The finished chairs in Knoll’s “Cross Stitch”, a wool tattersall check.


The chairs were made by Steelcase and were dated 1965 on a label stapled inside.  They were very nicely made with rounded edges on the hardwood.  This quality touch matters because fabric rubbing against unrounded edges will wear out much faster.

The back and had this kind of strange overlay of paper cord and piano wire attached to the sinuous springs.  That was new to me.


Under the cord/wire web on the seat was this interesting metal band spring unit—also new to me.  I think it was maybe a Flex-Steel innovation.


The neat little check pattern was well-suited to the tailored lines of the chair.  Handsome!






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