Goodform Steno Chair #2

I found this Goodform steno chair in a thrift shop.  It was dated 1978 and had seen a lot of use.  The upholstery was sagging over the compressed foam and the aluminum frame was dirty and scuffed.


And that backrest!  But I love the rectangular back part.  Whatever it’s called.


I chose this wool frieze fabric in a bright tomato red.


It’s a nice change from the dreary old checked fabric that was on there.


The metal frames on some of these old chairs were coated with a lacquer that turns yellow and gets chipped over time.  The only way I know of to fix it is to scrub it off with acetone and steel wool and lots of elbow grease.


You can see the yellowed lacquer here, plus some dirt and black heel marks.


Same thing after the MCR treatment!


The back, all straight and level.  Turns out it was just a loose screw.







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4 Responses to Goodform Steno Chair #2

  1. chairsmith says:

    Hello. We found your blog via Mid2Mod and have really been enjoying reading up on your restoration projects – very inspirational!

  2. Linda says:

    Hi thanks for posting this, the chair looks great. I recently found the exact same chair and can’t wait to restore it. My aluminum is scuffed up a bit worse than yours. Did you only use the acetone and steel wool or did you buff and polish with something after that? Thanks in advance for any additional info!

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