Danish modern lounge chair

This walnut framed chair with a Danish Modern styling arrived with faded blue dobby weave cushions, probably an ’80s re-do.  I threw the back cushion away before I remembered to take a photo, which was a shame because it was impressively overstuffed with lots of button tufting.  Oh well!


The new cushions are covered with a soft boucle.  I’m not sure who the manufacturer is but it is a blend of cotton, rayon for a bit of sheen, and some synthetics.  It’s the kind of fabric you just want to run your fingers over.


I think the wheat color of the fabric complements the rich wood tones nicely.


The edges of the foam cushions are hand sculpted.



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4 Responses to Danish modern lounge chair

  1. roisin byrne says:

    The cushions are fabulous, do you upholster for others? would i be able to send you an image of my chair , i am looking for a seat and back cushion and want exactly the style you have, rounded edges and slim foam. thanks, roisin

    • MCR says:

      Roisin, I replied to your email yesterday; check your spam folder if you didn’t see it in your inbox. I don’t do any shipping but if you are in the Baltimore/DC area I’d be happy to make cushions for your chair. Try emailing me again at info@modernchairrestoration.com if you still want a quote.

  2. Shana says:

    What are you using to sculpt the edges of the foam? And what density foam did you use?

    • MCR says:

      To shape the foam into a cleanly rounded edge, slice a V-shaped channel in the edge. The best tool for this is a new safety razor blade. Razor blades get dull quickly, even when cutting foam, so for the best results you will need a fresh one for every cushion. Fortunately, they’re cheap.

      Apply spray adhesive to both sides of the V-shaped groove, let it dry just until it looses its gloss, then press the edges together. You may need to do touchups on denser, thicker foam.

      Use whatever density of foam feels best on your webbing or springs. On most seats this is firm or extra firm but it really depends on how much support the webbing or springs provide, and your personal preferences. Some people like a firm chair, others prefer a softer one.

      For the back cushion, go at least one level LESS dense or firm than the seat. This is because most of your weight is on the seat. If you use the same density, the seat will feel too soft or the back will feel too firm.

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