Danish recliner lounge chair

This is one of my favorite jobs to date.  The yellow cotton upholstery was a very old re-do and the foam underneath was original.  Such potential!


I re-did it in a soft all-wool boucle in a color I like to call Fog.  The fabric had a little bit of stretch to it, making it perfect for this chair’s curves.


The foam is latex, which after 40-50 years usually gets all dry and crunchy like this.   I had to cut it into chunks like a cake before scraping it off the curved plywood chair frame.


You can see the bumpy foam under the old fabric.


So much nicer!


The chair reclines.  The back and seat are hinged and the seat slides forward on nylon runners against those metal tabs on the front rail under the seat.  The ottoman didn’t make it to the photo shoot but you can imagine how comfortable it is to lean back and put your feet up.

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