Danish Modern teak lounge chair

I redid this Danish Modern teak lounge chair a couple of years ago. The original upholstery was a striped acrylic in 60s beige & brown and was quite pilly and dirty. The latex foam padding was dry and crunchy due to age and exposure to air. The wood frame had a thick layer of grime on it. The metal clips that held the little head pillow were very badly tarnished and I ended up ditching that part altogether.


The new fabric is “Pebble Wool” by Maharam. It’s woven with a regular pattern of small loops of pure wool and has a rich, luxurious feel. This colorway is called “Wenge” after the dark brown wood that was popular in Scandinavian furniture in the 50s.


This chair originally came with an ottoman. I hope to find a good replacement for it someday.

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