Goodform steno chair

These Goodform chairs are good candidates for re-upholstery.  They’re nearly indestructible and the heavy aluminum bases and frames beg for something more interesting than the institutional vinyl that’s original to them.

Best part?  There are little clips like these holding the vinyl in place on the steel parts.  No staples or tacks to remove!  Some have metal tabs—only slightly more complicated.

The back on this one is two pieces:  the inside back, which curves to the outside, and the outside back, which serves to cover up the fabric edges on the inside back.  The original glue on these was still tacky after 50+ years.

The finished chair with Unika Vaev‘s “Wink” fabric in the slate colorway.  This is a very durable fabric that’s mostly nylon and wool so it has a nice feel in spite of being tough.  I think the silvery dots go really well with the aluminum chair frame.

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