Quistgaard pepper mills and more

I’ve got more Dansk pepper mills than usual this week, including a few rare ones. Take a look!

Dansk #825 teak pepper mill with Peugeot grinder, all in very nice condition and good working order

Dansk #826 teak pepper mill by Jens Quistgaard with banded Peugeot grinder, all in very nice condition and good working order

Very rare—and NEVER USED! This is one of Quistgaard’s mills from the Rare Woods group. It’s rosewood with a silverplate band that slides over the hole for loading peppercorns. It has its original box and inserts. Everything but the box is in excellent condition.

And last, this #832 pepper mill by Quistgaard for Dansk, in teak with a Peugeot grinder, all in excellent condition

Oh, and one last thing—this beautiful Fjord flatware carving set by Quistgaard for Dansk, never used, with the original box!

Fjord flatware was Quistgaard’s first big tableware design, but he couldn’t find a buyer for it in Denmark due to the cost of producing it. That’s how Dansk came about: Ted and Martha Nierenberg loved the design and formed Dansk Designs to market it. It was the beginning of a long partnership with Quistgaard that resulted in hundreds of beautiful things that people still love and use every day.

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