Clifford Pascoe dining chairs

These 50s dining chairs by Clifford Pascoe are often attributed to Paul McCobb but they just look similar to a design of his.

The original seat covering always seems to be an ivory vinyl and it’s always kind of bunchy at the corners.  But they’re nice chairs!


The owner of this pair chose Eames “Small Dot” fabric in gray.  Such an improvement.


The original seats were hard and I just assumed there was no padding under the vinyl.  It looked like wood…sort of.


But then I looked more closely and saw that there was a thin layer of very compressed foam, like only 1/16″ thick, over the whole surface of the seat.  It was easy to scrape off and underneath was nice clean plywood.




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9 Responses to Clifford Pascoe dining chairs

  1. chairsmith says:

    Lovely fabric choice!

  2. er240 says:

    Lovely! I am about to recover the same chairs and am curious which foam you used on the seat? The profile looks just right!!

    • MCR says:

      I used 1″ thick foam on these seats. If you can find high density foam, that will be more comfortable. Softer foam is ok, though—it’s right over plywood so either one is not going to make a really cushy seat. It really just makes the fabric look and wear better.

  3. Jodie says:

    I got 4 for free. The seats are cracking and missing screws. Where can I get new seats? Thanks so much. The rest is in perfect condition,

    • MCR says:

      I think you’ll have to get new seats made by someone who can steam bend plywood. THere are no replacement seats available commercially that I know of. The only other solution would be to find someone who has these chairs with frames that are beyond repair but seats that are intact. That’s a very, very long shot. Good luck.

  4. tyler says:

    i see a lot of those chairs with a wood seat, is it possible to just remove the upholstery from the seat and finish the plywood? thanks

    • MCR says:

      You could probably do that. It would be easily reversible if someone else down the road wanted fabric or vinyl on the seat again. It might take some doing to get all the old adhesive and foam off, and the wood probably isn’t the most beautiful species in the world, but if that’s the look you want then why not?

  5. Rhonda Stratton says:

    Hello – nicely done! they are beautiful! Did you replace any of the feet glides – or know of where I can purchase? I have a set of six chairs that are missing/ need replaced.

    Thank you!

    • MCR says:

      Thanks–unfortunately I have no idea where to get glides for these but I just saw your query on–which is exactly what I would have suggested you do! Hopefully someone there will know of a source. Good luck!

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